Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Alpaca scarves

The lady at Alpaca Plus in Middle Swan has now sold five of my scarves so I have made two more for her using her 2-ply yarn from her own flock of alpacas. I have used the same pattern for both scarves. The first one is 1440mm x 150mm and weighs 84g, whilst the second one is 1760mm x 150mm and weighs 94g. The following photos are of the longer scarf.

The pattern is not too clear so I used a contrasting silk yarn to finish the excess warp. This shows off the pattern.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Final two Koigu scarves

Have completed the last two scarves using Koigu hand-painted merino wool. The one using Koigu P912 42 is 1360mm x 140mm and 84g.
The second one using Koigu P623 430 is 1380mm x 135mm and 82g.
This completes the twelve scarves using the Koigu yarns. The various skeins of wool shown in an earlier blog are now looking as follows.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Koigu P460L & P615 scarves

Two more scarves now completed. The one using Koigu P460L 30 hand-painted merino wool is 1260mm x 140mm and 82g.
The second one, using Koigu P615 192 wool is 1400mm x 140mm and 84g.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Koigu P309 scarves

Have now completed a further two scarves using Koigu hand painted merino wool, code P309. The same yarn has been used for both warp and weft. As with all the scarves using the Koigu yarns, a plain (or tabby) weave has been used since the interest is in the multicoloured yarns. One scarf turned out to be 1400mm x 140mm and 86g, whilst the second is 1500mm x 140mm and 92g.