Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Brown and white alpaca hand-woven scarves

Have just received an order for 7 natural coloured alpaca scarves from the owners of Shamwani Alpaca.  Great news, except they want them by Christmas and I have only four weeks weaving time available due to planned holidays.  But at least I have now completed the first two.
The first is in natural white and is 1830mm x 210mm and weighs 173g.

The second is in a natural dark brown and is 1900mm x 220mm and weighs 216g.

I am sure the two receipients of these Christmas gift will be very pleased.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Noro Blossom hand-woven scarves

I have purchased some more Noro Blossom yarns following two previous scarves using this brand of yarn being snapped up at their first showing.  Noro Blossom is a 40% wool, 30% Kid mohair, 20% silk and 10% nylon and weaves  into a very lovely soft touching scarf.  As usual with Noro yarns there are a multiple of colours.
The first scarf is using colour #7 and is 1820mm x 180mm  and weighs 142g.

The second scarf is using colour #4 and is 1830mm x 180mm and weighs 136g.

Both scarves will be on my stall at the Subiaco Craft Fair at UWA on 28 October.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hand-dyed cashmere yarn

In preparing for my next frenzy of weaving I have hand-dyed six 100g skeins of 2/20 cashmere yarn.  The chosen colours from Landscapes dyes are sun orchid, moss, garnet, sky, daintree and grevillea going from left to right.  Most of the colours have reproduced quite well but the grevillea is more brighter and deeper than shown.
I will show the finished scarves as they are woven.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Plum and white hand-woven cashmere scarf

My first scarf since the September Perth Upmarket is a hand-woven scarf using a 2/20 cashmere yarn.  The warp is in white as purchased but the weft is in a hand-dyed plum colour.  The finished scarf is 1820mm x 190mm and weighs 71g.

My next market is the Subiaco Craft Fair at UWA on 28 October.  The scarf will be on my stall there, unless previously sold.