Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Blue cashmere

My latest scarves are two turquoise blue cashmere scarves. The coloured is hand dyed and the yarn 2-ply. They are both lightweight long scarves and very soft. One is 1760mm x 170mm and weighs 60g whilst the second one is 1960mm x 170mm and weighs 66g.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Black alpaca/silk

I obtained a lovely jet black natural coloured alpaca 2-ply yarn from Alpaca Plus. I was going to use it to weave a shawl 1800mm x 500mm. Unfortunately the yarn kept breaking whilst I was setting up the warp so I changed my plans after a frustrating three days.
I have now woven two scarves using a black silk yarn as the warp and the black alpaca yarn as the weft. The same pattern has been used for both scarves but one scarf is 1470mm x 215mm and weighs 108g whilst the second is longer at 1770mm x 210mm and weighs 128g.