Saturday, 27 September 2014

A natural, and a coloured, alpaca hand-woven scarf

To complete my stock for the Perth Upmarket tomorrow at UWA I have woven two scarves using yarns from Shamwani Alpaca Stud, a WA product.
The first is using a natural coloured light brown yarn.  With only 200g of this thick yarn the size of the scarf is restricted to 1520mm x 215mm and weighs 173g.  A lovely neutral colour suitable for a gent or lady.

The second is a hand-dyed blue coloured yarn.  It was supposed to be the Sky colour from the Landscape range of dyes but is much lighter, and will be difficult to repeat.  Nevertheless, I expect it to be a popular colour.   A full size scarf being 1810mm x 210mm from a thick yarn it weighs 208g.  If you like a thick, long scarf in a beautiful soft blue colour you will like this one.

If not sold this weekend both scarves will be on the Shamwani Alpaca stall at Kalamunda Market and/or the Beaufort Street Market next weekend.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hand-bags from hand-woven fabrics

Earlier this month I hand-wove two lengths of linen fabric.

Well, some of this material has now been used to make two decorative hand-bags incorporating cross-stitching embroidery designs.

These bags will join six other hand-bags made from our hand-woven fabrics.  Each bag is unique and some include more cross-stitching designs.

All the bags have an internal lining and many pockets.  If you wish to see the insides you will have to come to my stall at Perth Upmarket this coming Sunday at UWA.  You will not be disappointed and, who knows, you may walk away with that special bag which will be the envy of all your friends.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Claret and grey Tailored Srands alpaca hand-woven scarf

A fourth pairing of two colours from the 4-ply Tailored Strands alpaca yarns is of claret and mid-grey.  Yet another pattern has been chosen and this one gives a different pattern and colour domination on each side.  This scarf has a lovely soft touch of alpaca together with a popular colour combination.  It would be an excellent choice to add to your collection of scarves.  And for the record, it is 1810mm x 220mm, fringes excepted, and weighs 141g.

See it for yourself by attending my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 28 September at UWA.  I will be in Winthrop Hall.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Colourful hand-woven Tailored Stands alpaca scarves

To increase my stocks of two-tone coloured scarves I have paired two sets of colours in the range of 4-ply Tailored Strands alpaca yarns.  These are yarns from Australian alpaca.  I have then hand-woven the two scarves in different patterns.
The first is using Twilight Lavender and Wisteria coloured yarns.  What a wonderful colour combination for a Docker's fan, it's a pity there are not in the Grand Final.  Being 1840mm x 230mm and weighing 158g it will not only look good on match days but also keep you warm.  And it would not look too bad on other days!

The second uses the Teal and Mid-grey coloured yarns.  This is a very elegant looking scarf with the lovely feel of alpaca.  There is plenty of scarf to keep you warm, being 1880mm x 220mm and weighing 159g.  I suspect that the Teal colour is best shown in the close-up photo.

Both scarves will be on my stall at Perth Upmarket this coming Sunday, 28th September, at UWA.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spring green hand-woven alpaca scarves

Inspired by the fresh green colours of spring I have woven together two greens, emerald and lichen from the Tailored Strands range of alpaca yarns, to make two different patterned scarves.  They are both long, luxurious looking and lovely to feel.  Give yourself that fresh looking spring appeal.
The first scarf is 1760mm x 230mm and weighs 152g.

Whilst the second is 1860mm x 230mm and weighs 170g.

Both will be on my stall at the Perth Upmarket on Sunday 28 September at UWA.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hand-woven scarves using Noro Mossa yarns

About a month ago I wove three scarves, each in a different coloured Noro Mossa yarn.  The Noro Mossa yarn was used for both the warp and the weft.  I have now woven two of these Noro Mossa yarns using a single coloured wool yarn as the warp and the Noro Mossa yarn as the weft.
In the first one I choose a hand-dyed silver birch coloured merino yarn to go with the Noro Mossa #11 yarn.  The flashes of multi-colours in the Noro Mossa yarn come out against the various bands of dark tones.  The scarf is 1630mm x 200mm and weighs 126g.

In the second I choose a hand-dyed citrus coloured crinkly wool yarn to go with the Noro Mossa #17 yarn.  The citrus coloured crinkly wool dominates the scarf against the various bands of colour from the Noro Mossa yarn.  This is a bulky, soft-touching scarf of 1740mm x 200mm and weighing 178g.

It will probably be on my stall at Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 28 September unless taken to Aspects of Kings Park earlier.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hand-woven linen fabric

Following a request I have woven two lengths of linen.  As they will be used in making hand-made bags with cross stitching  embroidery they are woven in tabby, or plain weave.  One piece is 1580mm x 415mm and weighs 249g, while the other piece is 1400mm x 420mm and weighs 299g.

It is expected that the finished bags will be on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 28 September at UWA.