Thursday, 22 June 2017

Handwoven scarf using DMC Natura Linen yarn

I have recently returned from a holiday in France and Spain.  In France I visited Montignac, the town close to the Grotte de Lascaux where the oldest rock paintings are found.  Whilst there I purchased 200g of DMC Natura Linen, colour 08, which is composed of 58% linen,26% viscose and 16% cotton, from which I have hand-woven it into a patterned scarf.
The varying thickness yarn adds an interesting feature in this lovely pastel green coloured scarf.  For those allergic to wool, this 1800mm x 205mm scarf weighing 176g will enhance your outfit whilst keeping you warm.
See it soon at Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle depending upon stock movements.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Hand-woven scarf from Sirdar Firefly #884 yarn

In response to a request from a friend I have hand-woven a scarf using Sirdar Firefly #884 yarn.  This is a 100% nylon yarn comprising two black threads with small coloured squares joining the two threads at regular intervals.  I have used this yarn as the warp and used a similar thickness black wool yarn as the weft.
The  result is an interesting open-weave, lightweight, black scarf with many colourful small squares.  The colours in yarn #884 are reds, pinks, orange and light brown.  The 1810mm x 230mm scarf only weighs 58g.  It wont keep you warm but will certainly add colour to your outfit.