Monday, 5 May 2014

Hand-woven scarves using Noro Blossom yarns

Two years ago while travelling in the UK I purchased two colours of some discontinued Noro Blossom yarns.  I was so impressed with the woven scarves from these yarns that I purchased all I could acquire via the web.  I have now finished weaving all my stock of this discontinued Noro Blossom yarn so it is interesting to summarise the ten scarves using this yarn.  Some were using the Noro Blossom for both the warp and weft whilst some had the warp from other yarns.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hand-woven crinkly wool scarves

There has recently been a hive of activity at home hand-dying several hanks of wool and silk yarns.  Two hanks of a crinkly wool have been dyed in solid colours (avocado and salmon gum) whilst two hanks of straight yarn have been dyed in multicolours.

Sorry, I used all the salmon gum dyed crinkly wool.
I have now woven two very interesting scarves using the multi-coloured yarn as the warp and the solid coloured crinkly wool as the weft.  In the first scarf the warp had pastel colour of blue, olive green, tan and plum, whilst the crinkly wool weft was the avocado coloured yarn.  The scarf is 1780mm x 190mm and weighs 176g.

In the second scarf I used the brighter coloured multi-coloured yarn as the warp and the salmon gum crinkly wool as the weft.  This scarf is 1600mm x 210mm and also weighs 176g!

Both scarves are very soft and bulky and will give you that lovely warm feeling on those cold days, besides looking very striking.  They will be on sale at Aspects of Kings Park or on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 29 June at UWA, depending upon stock movements.