Friday, 29 October 2010

4 for Shamwani

I had indicated earlier to Shamwani Alpaca Stud that I would endeavour to get them a stock of 10 scarves before the November Kalamunda Markets. I have now achieved this with the completion of 4 more scarves. The first two have used grey and white yarns in slightly different patterns. One is 1550mm x 210mm and weighs 158g, and the other is longer at 1850mm x 210mm and weighs 190g.
The second two are both in the same pattern. In both, a mid-brown yarn was used as the warp. An off-white weft was used for the first and resulted in a scarf 1560mm x 190mm weighing 146g, and then a white weft used for the second which is 1700mm x 190mm weighing 152g. These two scarves have an interesting and different pattern on both sides.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Chocolate with white or fawn alpaca

I have been demonstrating weaving each Saturday and Sunday during October at Alpaca Plus as part of the Spring in the (Swan) Valley festival. Have now completed two alpaca scarves using a 4-shaft floor loom. The first is using chocolate and white alpaca yarns and is 1540mm x 175mm and weighs 125g. The second, using the same pattern, is using chocolate and fawn alpaca yarns and is 1860mm x 165mm and weighs 157g. They will be on sale at Alpaca Plus commencing this coming weekend.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The People's scarf

It has been Spring in the (Swan) Valley during the whole of the month of October. As part of this I have been putting on a display of weaving at the Alpaca Plus venue on Saturdays and Sundays. One popular activity has been the opportunity for the visitors to try their hand at weaving on a 2-shaft table loom.
A variety of colourful and textured yarns were made available for the participants to select to weave. The result is a spectacular and unique scarf 1740mm x 190mm and weighing 92g which each participant had a chance to win. The scarf was completed late on Sunday 24th October and coincided with the end of the day's shearing. As the shearing team was having a well earned drink at the end of the day, Ron Reid (the joint owners of the alpaca stud farm with his wife Rose) drew out the winner's name. The winner was Cathy Ingall, from Lismore, NSW, who visited Alpaca Plus earlier in the month whilst on holiday in WA with her husband.
Congratulations Cathy, we hope you enjoy your scarf. And many thanks to the other 30 participants who contributed to the weaving of the scarf.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fawn and white alpaca

Have just completed two more scarves using Shamwani yarns. The first is a patterned fawn scarf 1550mm x 185mm and weighs 115g. The second is using an off-white yarn with the fawn. It is 1700mm x 180mm and weighs 141g. The fawn with the off-white gives the off-white a slight yellowish tint. This second scarf is lovely looking scarf and soft.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Brown/white and grey alpaca scarves

Have just completed three scarves using alpaca yarn from Shamwani. The first is a two coloured scarf using a mid-brown and a white yarn. It is 1550mm x 180mm and weighs 150g.The second two are in a grey yarn with each in its own pattern. The first is 1640mm x 190mm and weighs 173g, whilst the second is 1480mm x 190mm and weighs 156g.
The three scarves will be on sale at Kalamunda Markets in November on the Shamwani Alpaca stand.