Sunday, 16 October 2011

Alpaca Design Yarns

Whilst on holiday recently in the Eastern States I purchased 300g each of Alpaca Design 8-ply alpaca yarns coloured in fushia and watermelon. The shop was in Berrimah, NSW.

I was hoping to get two scarves from each colour but found after weaving the first that I only had sufficient for the warp of the second. I used a grey possum/merino mix yarn for the weft of the second scarf in each colour. I used the same pattern for all four scarves.
The solid fushia scarf is 1780mm x 180mm and weighs 157g.The fushia and grey scarf is 1770mm x 150mm and weighs 120g. Despite being from the same warp as the first, the possum/merino weft had a high shrinkage so resulting in a narrower scarf. The possum/merino yarn is also much lighter than the 8-ply alpaca scarf.

The solid watermelon scarf is 1800mm x 180mm and weighs 153g.

The watermelon and grey scarf is 1770mm x 150mm and weighs 120g.

All four scarves will be on sale at Alpaca Plus, Douglas Road, Henley Brook.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Indigo blue silk

I wove an indigo blue hand-dyed silk scarf ready for the Perth Upmarket held on 2 October. It was 1910mm x 190mm and weighs 85g. It does have a pattern which is hard to see, but the pattern does give the scarf an interesting texture.This is my stall at the Perth Upmarket held at UWA on 2 October.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gold and silver lame

Have woven two "fun" scarves using a gold and a silver based lame yarns. Both are long and narrow scarves.
The gold coloured scarf is woven using Diamist Lame MC and is 1920mm x 135mm and weighs 56g. The silver coloured scarf is woven using Millane MG and is 1940mm x 125mm and weighs 43g.Now have to see what the public reaction is to two "sparkling" scarves.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Two Kogane cashmere

Ready for the Perth Upmarket on 2 October I had woven two cashmere scarves using Kogane yarns. The first was hand-dyed peppercorn and was 1790mm x 190mm and weighs 83g. The second was dyed sun orchid and was 1760mm x 195mm and weighs 75g. Both scarves were sold at the Perth Upmarket event.