Sunday, 25 July 2010

Chocolate and grey cashmere

Have just completed two scarves using 2-ply cashmere yarns sourced from Knitter's Addiction. Although sold as 9m per g, it is finer than my previous cashmere yarns of 2/26 and 2/23. Consequently these first two scarves have a more open weave than expected, since I used the same 20dpi reed as used with the original cashmere yarns. The two scarves are very similar to each other, both in the same pattern, and one being 1500mm x 210mm and weighs 52g, whilst the second is 1420mm x 210mm and weighs 50g. The photos show both sides of the pattern.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Black and champagne alpaca

Have just completed two scarves using a black and a champagne natural coloured alpaca yarns. The black yarn seems to bring out a slight pinkiness in the champagne. I have used the same pattern for both and the result is that one side is the reverse pattern to the other. One scarf is 1490mm x 215mm and weighs 128g, whilst the second is 1870mm x 215mm and weighs 154g. These are two lovely looking soft scarves.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Multi-coloured fun scarves

For something different I have just completed two scarves in unusual multi-coloured fibres. The first is in a Diacanari yarn (65%wool/35%nylon) as the warp and a black wool weft. It is 1870mm x 210mm and weighs 86g.
The second is in a Pierre Cardin Shangrila yarn (67%acrylic/22%mohair/others) as the warp and a gold lame weft. It is 1960mm x 200mm and weighs 110g. The results are two long multicoloured scarves each in an interesting texture.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Black, white and orange

Have just completed a piece of cloth woven in black and white cashmere yarns. It is 1660mm x 580mm and weighs 174g. Hiroko plans to use it to make a woven top with hand-knitted sleeves.
Have also completed a scarf using a 70% acrylic/30% wool blend. It is multicoloured with the predominant colour being orange. It is 1550mm 170mm and weighs 132g.