Friday, 28 January 2011

Pumkin alpaca

I was recently introduced to an excellent book on 4-shaft patterns by Anne Dixon. All the patterns are shown in beautiful colours. I have woven one of her Huck patterns using a hand-dyed, pumkin coloured, alpaca yarn from Alpaca Plus. A lovely textured and soft scarf has resulted. It is long, 1850mm x 185mm and weighs 152g.This will be on sale shortly at Alpaca Plus.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

White and black alpaca

My latest two scarves are using a white and a black alpaca yarn from Alpaca Plus. The white scarf is 1500mm x 180mm and weighs 121g.
The black and white scarf is 1600mm x 190mm and weighs 123g.
Both scarves are in the same pattern so it is interesting to see how much the pattern shows up in the black and white one. Both scarves will shortly be on sale at Alpaca Plus.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

100% Alpaca

Have just completed two single-coloured scarves using a white and a dark brown 100% natural alpaca yarn from Shamwani. They are both in the same pattern as they have been ordered as special gifts. The white one is 1580mm x 175mm and weighs 142g.
The brown one is slightly longer being 1730mm x 185mm and weighs 160g.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Italian alpaca

On a recent visit to Rome in Nov'10 I purchased 200g each of 6 different coloured Lane Borgosesia alpaca yarns. It was not until I commenced weaving the first ball of the yarn that I discovered it was 45% alpaca, 35% merino and 20% acrylic. Despite this disappointment I have now completed the first two scarves using the green and fawn yarns in patterns similar to my last two scarves. I must admit I prefer the two scarves using the natural coloured WA 100% alpaca yarns from Shamwani, but will wait to see the public's reaction.
The first scarf is 1560mm x 220mm and weighs 143g.
The second scarf is 1540mm x 220mm and weighs 144g.
I will keep both scarves for the Perth Upmarket on 20 March if I am successful in being allocated a stall position.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2 Alpaca scarves

I am now back weaving after an 8-week holiday.
I have just completed 2 alpaca scarves for Shamwani. The first is a brown and white scarf 1500mm x 220mm and weighs 157g. The second, in a slightly different pattern, is grey and white 1580mm x 230mm and weighs 174g. Both scarves will be on the Shamwani stand at Kalamunda Market, first Saturday in March.