Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Handwoven Noro Cotton Hill scarf

Looking through my store of yarns I picked out some balls of Noro Cotton Hill #2 yarn.  This is an interesting loopy textured yarn made from 60% cotton, 14% silk, 14% kid mohair and 12% wool.  The #2 yarn has greys, black and brown colours.  Although woven in a pattern the numerous loop and colours dominant in this bulky but soft feeling scarf.  It is not light, being 188g but is a good size at 1800mm x 220mm.  A man's scarf or how about matching it with a bright coloured, say green, outfit?

The scarf will appear at Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle in the near future.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hand-woven scarves using Eisaku Noro yarns

I found a small amount of Eisaku Noro N-1 yarn in my store so have used it to hand weave two scarves.  The yarn is a multi-coloured thick yarn (1g = 1.8m) in 100% wool.
In the first I have used the Eisaku Noro yarn as both the warp and the weft.  A mottled, multi-coloured, bulky scarf is the outcome being 1740mm x 200mm and weighing 176g.

In the second I used the Eisaku Noro yarn as the warp with a teal coloured Tailored Strands Australian alpaca 4-ply yarn as the weft.  The woven pattern is visible in this scarf which at 1600mm x 200mm and weighing 139g is lighter than the first because of the thinner weft.  I must admit that the weft in this scarf is more green than the colour in the photos - I still need my colour photography tuition.

Two lovely colourful and warm scarves for those autumn and winter days ahead.
Buy them now direct or wait till they appear in Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle in the near future.