Friday, 12 April 2013

From Fabric to Fashion

A week or two  ago I wove a length of fabric based upon Noro Cotton Hill yarn.

I could have used it as a shawl,

but instead it has been transformed into

no, not just a plain garment.  By adding some old kimono fabric the finished fashion item is

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Royal Blue Tailored Strands alpaca scarf

Western Australians will not believe me when I tell them that winter is coming.  Our long hot summer continues well into April.  In preparation for the colder weather that must arrive soon I have hand-woven a smart looking Royal Blue coloured scarf using Tailored Strands 100% Australian Alpaca yarn.   It is long, being 1910mm x 225mm and weighing 160g, so is versatile for many wearing styles, "fibre of the gods" softness and guaranteed to keep you comfortable and warm this winter.  Why not treat yourself or your loved one?

You can see this scarf on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 23 June at UWA unless previously sent to add to my display of  scarves at Shop Handmade in Canberra.
This is probably my last scarf before the next Perth Upmarket as I leave for an extended holiday on Friday.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Grevillea coloured hand-woven cashmere scarf

To brighten up our world I have hand-dyed a 2/20 Kogane cashmere yarn grevillea, a colour in the Landscape range of dyes for wool.  I have then hand-woven the yarn in an eight-shaft pattern consisting of small diamonds.  A beautiful, bright, extremely soft and lightweight scarf has resulted measuring 1790mm x 210mm and weighing only 79g.

This lovely coloured scarf will be on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 23 June at UWA unless previously sent to be added to my stock at Shop Handmade in Canberra.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Noro Cotton Hill featured fabric

My stall at the Perth Upmarket has expanded from my initial offerring of hand-woven scarves to now include unique garments fashioned and made by Hiroko from our hand-woven fabrics.  Her garments have had great success at Upmarket and so as to renew her stock I have recently woven more fabrics for her from which she made more items.  I have shown these fashion items in recent blogs.

I have now hand-woven a new fabric using Noro Cotton Hill yarn (60%cotton/14%silk/14% kid mohair/12% wool) as the weft and alternate strands of Deborah yarn (65% viscose/35% cotton) and Yeoman Yarn Sport yarn coloured charcoal (100% wool) as the warp.  It makes a very interesting bolt of material and is 1900mm x 430mm and weighs 306g.

I will show you the fashioned garment in a later blog.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Garnet coloured Kogane cashmere scarf

Another of my exquisite cashmere scarves, this time hand-dyed in the colour of garnet.  The 2-ply Kogane cashmere yarn results in a lightweight and very soft scarf which feel and look so good.  Hand-woven in a small format plaited twill pattern the scarf is 1820mm x 210mm and weighs 80g.

See it on my stall at the Perth Upmarket on Sunday 23 June at UWA unless previously sent to be added to my display of scarves at Shop Handmade in Canberra.