Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Noro Blossom #9 yarn hand-woven scarf

When on holiday in the UK about two years ago I purchased some discontinued Noro Blossom yarn.  I was so impressed with the first scarf I wove using this yarn (40% wool, 30% kid mohair, 20% silk, 10% nylon) that I subsequently purchased as much as I could lay my hands on via the web.
I have now woven the last of my stock with a hand-dyed grevillea coloured wool yarn as the warp.  The result is a bright, eye-catching bulky scarf with a lovely soft touch.  And for the record it is 1800mm x 200mm and weighs 147g.

It will be on sale at Aspects of Kings Park or on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 29 June at UWA depending on stock movements.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hand-woven hand-dyed crinkly silk material

I have hand-woven a length of material 1960mm x 41mm from a crinkly silk yarn hand-dyed in a grevillea colour (a shade in the Landscape range of dyes).  It is a delicate, fine piece of material with an interesting texture from the crinkled silk and woven pattern.  The bright grevillea dyed colour makes it eye-catching.  You will have to wait to see how this 114g piece of material is made into a garment for my stall at Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 29 June.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Peacock and natural grey alpaca handwoven scarves

I recently purchased some Alpaca Ultimate 2-ply alpaca yarn coloured peacock.  This is a yarn produced from Australian fleece and processed in Australia.  As a 2-ply yarn it is quite thin and has resulted in a lovely coloured, thin and lightweight scarf.  And being alpaca it is lovely and soft to touch.  This full length scarf of 1830mm x 225mm weighs 97g and will please the most discerning buyer.

The second scarf is from a natural grey alpaca 4-ply yarn sourced from Denmark in Western Australia.  This lovely grey coloured yarn is so soft it will be so cosy to wear.  The scarf is   16720mm x 220mm and weighs 140g.

Both scarves will either appear in Aspects of Kings Park or on my stall at Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 29 June, depending upon stock movements.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Handwoven recycled sari silk scarves

A year ago whilst on a trip through the Himalayas I purchased some recycled sari silk yarn in Nepal.  This is the individual threads from off-cuts from sari making which are re-spun together resulting in a thick, but colourful, yarn.
I have now woven two scarves from two different batches of the yarn.  In the first scarf I used some left-over crinkly silk which had been hand-dyed in a gold colour as the warp.  Due to the limited amount of yarn for the warp the finished scarf is 1470mm x 180mm and weighs 170g.  Maybe the gold coloured crinkly silk dominates but the colours of the recycled silk still come through.

For the second scarf I used an hand-dyed violet coloured silk as the warp and the finished scarf is 1830mm x 195mm and weighs 343g.

The thicker silk yarns are not as soft and lightweight as you would expect from silk, but results in two very unusual and colourful scarves.  Both will be on my stall at Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 29 June.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hand-woven Indian silk

I received from a friend in Japan 267g of Indian silk.  These yarns are very colourful and have given rise to a very interesting and unusual silk scarf.  I have used a hand-dyed multi-coloured thin silk yarn as the warp and the recycled sari silk as the weft.  It is a heavy scarf but will certainly be an eye-catching accessory.  For the record, the scarf is 1740mm x 210mm and weighs 237g.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Noro Blossom handwoven scarf

When travelling in the UK a couple of years ago I purchased some discounted, discontinued, Noro Blossom yarns.  The yarn is a 40% wool, 30% kid mohair, 20% silk, 10% nylon mix and has an array of colour and texture.  I was so impressed with the two multi-coloured scarves I wove using these yarns that I purchased as much of these discontinued yarns as I could.  The yarn makes for a colourful bulky scarf which is a joy to wear and feel, and has sold quickly when displayed.  I have now woven the second last scarf in my diminishing stock of this yarn using Noro Blossom #9.  The scarf is 1760mm x 210mm and weighs 158g and will shortly be on sale in Aspects of Kings Park.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Two handwoven black silk scarves

At the Perth Upmarket held 9 March at UWA I received an order for two black silk scarves.  After sourcing the silk from Japan I have now completed the two scarves.  I have used a different pattern for each scarf but they are both nominally 1450mm x 220mm and weigh 84g.  The finished products are two shiny, smart looking and soft items.  I hope the man who ordered them is pleased when he receives them.