Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cashmere skeins completed

In my blog dated 30 Sep'09 I showed 6 skeins of hand-dyed cashmere that had been prepared for me by Hiroko. After weaving two scarves in each colour I had some left-over yarn. From these left-overs I decided to make two scarves in my "Sunset series". "Sunset at beach" contains 8 colours in the warp, is 1890mm x 210mm and weighs 60g. "Sunset at sea" contains 4 colours in the warp, is 1790mm x 250mm and weighs 52g. They are both very soft, long and wide scarves, and each give you a two-colour option by reversing the scarves.

Sunset at beach

Sunset at sea

Sunset at beach scarf

Sunset at sea scarf

The collection of all the cashmere scarves, except a few sold already, are shown below. You will see more details on each scarf in earlier blogs.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Purple and mauve cashmere

Two interesting scarves have been woven using two hand-dyed coloured cashmere 2-ply yarns, purple and mauve. The two colours show up the two different patterns used for each scarf. Actually the first scarf is using the same pattern as used for the last few single coloured cashmere scarves. The patterns on both sides of each scarf are shown in the photos below. The first scarf is 1380mm x 160mm and weighs 44g, whilst the second is 1460mm x 160mm and weighs 46g. Two very soft and lightweight scarves.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Garnet cashmere

Have now finalised (twisting ends, washing, sewing on label and photographing) my latest two scarves. These are from a hand-dyed garnet coloured cashmere 2-ply yarn and the previously used pattern weave. One is 1460mm x 180mm and weighs 58g, whilst the second one is 1700mm x 180mm and weighs 64g. I show both sides in the photos below.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cyclamen alpaca scarf

After getting two more cashmere scarves off my loom I have rushed through (in two days) a cyclamen coloured alpaca scarf to be taken to Japan tomorrow. It is the same yarn as the earlier cyclamen scarves (26 Jan'10 blog) but this one is 1670mm x 200mm and weighs 120g. Should look good amongst the cherry blosson in Japan during April. The photos below show both sides of the scarf.