Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lavender and wisteria alpaca hand-woven scarves

In trying to build up my stocks of hand-woven alpaca scarves I have woven two identical two-colour scarves.  I  have used 2 Tailored Strands 4-ply alpaca yarns coloured Twilight Lavender and Wisteria.
I have woven them in a pattern I designed myself and am very pleased with the outcome.  The two sides emphasis a different colour so giving the wearer a choice of the dominant colour.

Each scarf is nominally 1740mm x 225mm and weighs 143g.  They are smart looking, soft feeling scarves which will not only keep you warm but add the extra flash of colour to the outfit you are wearing.

They will be on sale at Aspects of Kings Park, The Artisan Fremantle, Kalamunda Markets or the next Perth Upmarket depending upon stock movement.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hand-woven teal and grey Tailored Strands alpaca scarves

My two colour alpaca scarves are proving popular at Aspects of Kings Park so I have woven two more.  Using the teal and mid-grey colours of Tailored Stands 4-ply alpaca yarn I have hand-woven two scarves in two slightly different patterns.

The two scarves are very similar in size with one being 1830mm x 230mm and weighs 140g, whilst the other is 1890mm x 230mm and weighs 144g.

These two scarves are in popular colours and both feel and look great.  They will appear at Aspects of Kings Park or the next Perth Upmarket scheduled for Sunday 28 November at UWA depending upon stock movement.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Two hand-woven alpaca scarves

As a bit of a clear-out I have used my remaining stock of WA alpaca yarns to hand weave two scarves.  Both yarns are from Shamwani Alpaca Stud.  The first is using a natural light brown alpaca yarn.  This beautiful soft yarn makes an elegant looking patterned scarf suitable for man or woman.  It is 1800mm x 200mm, excluding fringes, and weighs 166g.

The second is using a natural white yarn which has been hand-dyed with colour Sky in the Landscape range of colours.  However, the final colour is much lighter than expected (caused by my error), but still a desirable shade of blue.  It is in a slightly thicker yarn but still has that lovely feel of alpaca, and of course, is in a unique colour.  The true colour is more like that shown in the photos of the whole scarf rather than the close-up.  For the record it is 1700mm x 200mm and weighs 187g.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stall at Perth Upmarket

The latest Perth Upmarket was held at UWA on Sunday 28 September.  My stall was in Winthrop Hall.  My display of scarves was supplemented with hand-bags and clothing made from our hand-woven fabrics together with our popular needle-felted animals.  The next Perth Upmarket is scheduled for Sunday 30 November.