Tuesday, 13 November 2012

2 more natural coloured hand-woven alpaca scarves

As I am about to go on a holiday to Europe I thought about which of my scarves I would take with me to wear.  After much thought I decided to weave two more the same as the last two woven, i.e., in a natural coloured mid-brown alpaca yarn from Shamwani Alpaca Stud, and also in the same pattern.  I knew I could weave them quickly and weaving two gave me one more scarf for my stock.  The previous two were for an order so already gone.
The two scarves are identical, being 1690mm x 200mm but one weighs 190g and the other 180g.  Not certain why the two weights are different with the scarves being identical size and pattern.  The photos shows both sides of the scarf as the pattern is different each side.

Now I am ready for the cold European November/December.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hand-woven mid-brown natural coloured alpaca scarves

The final two scarves in my order for nine scarves using yarns from Shamwani Alpaca Stud have now been completed.  They are both in a natural coloured mid-brown alpaca yarn.
The first is 1750mm x 210mm and weighs 191g.
  The second is very similar being 1740mm x 205mm and weighs 193g.
The two scarves are really identical.  The two sets of photos just show the two sides of the pattern.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yellow and blue hand-dyed and hand-woven alpaca scarves

The next two scarves I have woven for my order needed to be hand-dyed, but in the same pattern.
The first is dyed Daisy, a Gaywool dye, and is 1810mm x 205mm and weighs 168g.

The second is dyed using a Landscape dye, colour Sky, and is 1820mm x 210mm and weighs 166g.
Two more lovely Christmas presents!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

2 white & 1 grey handwoven alpaca scarves

The next three scarves in my order for 9 alpaca scarves have now been completed.  They are woven in natural colour yarns from Shamwani Alpaca Stud.
The first is in a 4-ply white yarn and is 1930mm x 215mm and weighs 168g.
The second is also in a 4-ply yarn but grey in colour and is 1920mm x 220mm and weighs 194g.
The third is in a thicker 8-ply white yarn and is 1940mm x 190mm and weighs 194g.

 These are going to be lovely Christmas presents for 3 lucky people.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Brown and white alpaca hand-woven scarves

Have just received an order for 7 natural coloured alpaca scarves from the owners of Shamwani Alpaca.  Great news, except they want them by Christmas and I have only four weeks weaving time available due to planned holidays.  But at least I have now completed the first two.
The first is in natural white and is 1830mm x 210mm and weighs 173g.

The second is in a natural dark brown and is 1900mm x 220mm and weighs 216g.

I am sure the two receipients of these Christmas gift will be very pleased.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Noro Blossom hand-woven scarves

I have purchased some more Noro Blossom yarns following two previous scarves using this brand of yarn being snapped up at their first showing.  Noro Blossom is a 40% wool, 30% Kid mohair, 20% silk and 10% nylon and weaves  into a very lovely soft touching scarf.  As usual with Noro yarns there are a multiple of colours.
The first scarf is using colour #7 and is 1820mm x 180mm  and weighs 142g.

The second scarf is using colour #4 and is 1830mm x 180mm and weighs 136g.

Both scarves will be on my stall at the Subiaco Craft Fair at UWA on 28 October.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hand-dyed cashmere yarn

In preparing for my next frenzy of weaving I have hand-dyed six 100g skeins of 2/20 cashmere yarn.  The chosen colours from Landscapes dyes are sun orchid, moss, garnet, sky, daintree and grevillea going from left to right.  Most of the colours have reproduced quite well but the grevillea is more brighter and deeper than shown.
I will show the finished scarves as they are woven.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Plum and white hand-woven cashmere scarf

My first scarf since the September Perth Upmarket is a hand-woven scarf using a 2/20 cashmere yarn.  The warp is in white as purchased but the weft is in a hand-dyed plum colour.  The finished scarf is 1820mm x 190mm and weighs 71g.

My next market is the Subiaco Craft Fair at UWA on 28 October.  The scarf will be on my stall there, unless previously sold.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Vectis Ori at Perth Upmarket

Vectis Ori had a stand at the Perth Upmarket held  at UWA on 23 September.  This is how my stand appeared at the event.  The scarves are hand-woven and carry the Vectis Ori label.  The garments have been made from hand-woven fabrics and carry the Oz Hiroko label.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Moda Vera Caberet woven scarf

My last hand-woven scarf before the Perth Upmarket tomorrow.  I have used a Moda Vera Caberet #05 yarn, 100% nylon, as the warp and a thin, hand-dyed, green silk yarn as the weft.  The scarf is 1540mm x 200mm and weighs 122g.
A brighly coloured scarf so come to see it tomorrow at UWA from 10am - 4pm.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A flock of sheep

When weaving you are left a short length of the warp which goes through the heddles and is tied on to the back rail, about 20cm long.  I have been reluctant to throw these warp ends away and whilst on holiday in the UK recently I saw an interesting use for them at the Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, Cumbria.

On my grand-daughter's 10th birthday the other day I got her to draw a variety of sheep faces and legs and have since glued them to pom-poms made from my warp ends.  The following photo shows the first eleven sheep made by me and my grand-daughter.  It was a lovely time to spend with my grand-daughter and I love the sheep.  Will I be able to sale them or give them away?  We will see.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Night blue cashmere woven scarf

The third scarf in my series of blue hand-dyed and hand-woven cashmere scarves is now complete. In a night blue colour the scarf is 1830mm x 200mm and weighs 85g. The true colour is a dark navy blue, darker than the photos below show.
All three blue scarves will be on my stall in Winthrop Hall at UWA this sunday at the Perth Upmarket event.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Perth Upmarket is coming

Just to let you know that Perth Upmarket is on next Sunday at UWA.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Opal and Sky hand-woven cashmere

After a break weaving yarns purchased on my last overseas trip I have returned to the 2/20 Kogane cashmere yarns from Japan. I have hand-dyed three different shades of blue and have now hand-woven the first two colours in two slightly different patterns.
The first is dyed Opal and is 1460mm x 215mm and weighs 73g. It is a bit shorter than usual but still a wearable length.
The second is dyed Sky and is 1860mm x 205mm and weighs 84g.
Both scarves will be on my stall at Perth Upmarket at UWA on 23 September.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rowan Summerspun yarn

Another type of yarn I purchased on my recent travels through the UK was Rowan Summerspun yarns #SH121 and SH117. These yarns are 50% wool/50% cotton. I have used two slightly different patterns in hand-weaving two scarves from these two yarns.
The first scarf is using the SH121 yarn and is 1640mm x 160mm and weighs 172g.
The second scarf using the SH117 yarn is 1630mm x 160mm and weighs 168g.
The two scarves are slightly smaller than my normal scarves due to the thicker yarns not going so far, but they both have an interesting array of colours.
See them on my stall at the Perth Upmarket at UWA on 23 September.