Thursday, 9 September 2010

1 acrylic, 2 alpacas

After completing all my alpaca yarns I turned to a "fun" scarf. This is in a Pierre Cardin Shangrila yarn (67%acrylic/22%mohair/others) as the warp and a gold lame weft. A multicoloured scarf was woven 1870mm x 185mm weighing 103g.
I went to Kalamunda Market on 4 September and met Derek and Daphne from Shamwani Alpaca Stud. I purchased some of their grey (#47) and light brown (#48) yarns and have subsequently woven two scarves. The grey one is 1610mm x 185mm and weighs 133g. The light brown one is 1570mm x 190mm and weighs 131g. The two lovely soft and patterned scarves will be on sale at Shamwani's stall at next month's Kalamunda Market.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Multicoloured alpaca scarves

I have used up my remaining alpaca yarn to make two more scarves. The first is in an hand-dyed ivy coloured alpaca yarn with a dark green wool yarn. It is 1360mm x 170mm and weighs 94g.
The second is in two natural coloured alpaca yarns, namely, champagne and black. It is 1380mm x 180mm and weighs 92g.
As you can see, these are in interesting patterns and both are nice soft scarves. The last five alpaca scarves will now be taken to sell through Alpaca Plus in the Swan Valley.