Sunday, 22 December 2013

Six new colours for Christmas

Upon displaying my stock of hand-woven cashmere scarves earlier this month
I had a comment made to me that the display wanted a wider range of colours.  Consequently I have got around to hand-dyeing six more colours - yes, I know, I have repeated the yellow one because I have two displays to stock.
All that remains now is for me to get on and weave these six new colours.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A white handwoven alpaca scarf for Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?  I can help you to some extent by offering you a white scarf hand-woven in Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca lace.  You can embellish it with your own Christmas touches.
This is a warm, soft and not too heavy scarf that will go with any other colours you choose to wear. And being 1810mm x 220mm and weighing 125g you will have a wide choice of wearing styles.  Just let your imagination take over.

If not sold soon it will go to either Aspects of Kings Park or the Perth Upmarket in March.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Champagne hand-woven alpaca scarf

It is the festive season so why not indulge in some champagne with a difference!  This time it is a champagne coloured Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca lace hand-woven into a lovely, smart and patterned scarf.  With the softness and warmth associated with alpaca it could be the ideal gift for that special person in your life.  By the way, the scarf is 1790mm x 220mm and weighs 122g.

If you don't buy it now it is likely to be at Aspects of Kings Park in the near future - it is that good.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mid-grey Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca

After clearing my back-log of hand-dyed cashmere yarns I have switched to alpaca yarns.  This time a mid-grey Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca lace. The patterned scarf is both elegant and soft, and suitable for male or female.  The scarf is 1840mm x 215mm and weighs 128g.
First of all I have to warp the loom,

and then weave it on my 1m wide eight-shaft floor loom,

before I obtain the finished item.

You can expect to see it on my stall at the March Perth Upmarket event at UWA.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hand-woven cashmere scarves stock

I mentioned in my last blog that I had just woven the last hank from my stock of hand-dyed cashmere yarns.  This has made me have a look of what hand-dyed and hand-woven cashmere scarves I have in stock.

Well, would you believe 14!
What colours do I need to dye next?
I need to build up my stock further for the next Perth Upmarket in March and to replenish any items sold at Aspects of Kings Park.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hand-dyed Moss coloured cashmere scarf

Back in October 2012 I hand-dyed six hanks of cashmere yarn in different colours.  I have now gotten around to hand-weaving the last remaining hank.  It so happens I have been busy weaving seventy other scarves in between!

This last scarf is hand-dyed in the Moss colour of Landscapes dyes and has that lovely softness and lightness you expect from cashmere.  You will love the touch and warmth around your neck on those chilly mornings and evenings.  And for the record, the scarf is 1770mm x 210mm and weighs 80g.

You can expect to see it at Aspects in Kings Park or the March Perth Upmarket depending upon stock movements.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Daisy and light blue hand-woven cashmere scarves

I have recently been fortunate to get my hand-woven scarves into Aspects of Kings Park, the showcase of Australian crafts at the major tourist attraction in Perth.  To build up my stock of high quality scarves I have woven two more hand-dyed cashmere scarves.
The first is in an interesting light blue colour resulting from the second pot of the Sky colour from Landscapes Dyes.  I think this may be a colour that will be difficult to repeat.  The scarf is 1770mm x 195mm and weighs 78g.

The second scarf is using the Daisy colour  from the Gaywool range of dyes and is a lovely spring looking colour.  This is a shorter scarf being 1470mm x 195mm and weighs 72g.

Both are exquisite scarves having that softness that you expect from cashmere and in lovely light but bright colours.  Future sales will determine whether the scarves appear at Aspects of Kings Park or at the next Perth Upmarket scheduled for Sunday 9 March at UWA.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stall at Perth Upmarket

On Sunday Vectis Ori had a stall at the Perth Upmarket held at UWA at which we sold our hand-woven scarves, garments made from hand-woven fabrics and needle felted animals (and a bag/purse or two).  As you can imagine the cute little animals were very popular and despite the coming summer months I was pleased with the number of scarves sold.

The next Perth Upmarket is scheduled for Sunday 9 March also at UWA.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Handwoven Champagne Tailored Strands

My last scarf to be woven before Perth Upmarket on Sunday at UWA  is a third one using Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca yarn, an Australian product.  This one is in champagne and I think will appeal to both ladies and gents.  A fine soft luxurious scarf for those cold winter days on your Christmas European Holiday.  Alternatively, it is a lightweight present to send to that special person overseas.  For the record, the scarf is 1870mm x 220mm and weighs 126g.

It will be available on my stall on Sunday.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tailoered Strands 2-ply alpaca lace

Well at long last I am back into weaving.  With a Perth Upmarket coming up this Sunday at UWA I have woven two scarves using Tailored Strands 2-ply alpaca lace.
The first, in scarlet, is 1820mm x 210mm and weighs 126g.  And the colour seems to attract all who see it.

The second, in mid-grey, is 1800mm x 215mm and weighs 130g.  A more gentile colour which may be suitable for the man in your life.

I have used two different small repetitive patterns for the scarves but neither show up very clearly.  But both scarves are lovely and soft as you would expect from a top quality alpaca yarn.  You will find them very useful accessories on those cold winter days whilst on your forthcoming Northern Hemisphere travels or as lightweight gifts to send to your overseas friends for Christmas.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hand-woven German Opal yarns

During a holiday earlier this year in Europe I purchased 100g hanks each of two 4-ply Opal sweater and sock wools made in Germany.  It is a 75% wool, 25% polyamide yarn, and each hank is multi-coloured.
The first yarn was basically purple and red which I used as the warp with a hand-dyed multi-coloured silk yarn as the weft.  Woven in tabby a textureless, but multi-coloured, scarf has resulted.  Will the colours match, or add to, your  outfit?  The scarf is 1570mm x 205mm and weighs 102g.

The second yarn was basically blue, green, yellow and orange and again used as the warp.  A hand-dyed green mohair yarn was used as the weft and a simple pattern chosen.  A very interesting scarf has resulted which is both colourful and textured.  It has been greatly admired by all who have seen it so far.  If green is your colour you will love this scarf.  For the record the scarf is 1700mm x 225mm and weighs 141g.

I am expecting to have both scarves on my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 24 November at UWA.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Moda Vera Lucente hand-woven scarves

About a year ago I purchased a variety of Moda Vera Lucente yarns which are 87% nylon and 13% polyester.  I have now got around to weaving them into scarves for the coming Australian summer.  As I only had 50g of each yarn they were used as the warp and different types of yarn as the weft.
The first scarf is using the colour #11237 woven with a Noro wool as the weft.  Maybe the wool has made the scarf a little heavy for summer but makes for a bright looking scarf.  It is 1590mm x 170mm and weighs 90g.

The second scarf is using colour #11231 woven with a hand-dyed silk yarn as the weft.  The loose weaving and slippery nature of both yarns has resulted in the weft becoming unevenly spread on the warp upon washing.  This is a delicate scarf to handle but brings multiple colours into this accessory.  For the record it is 1600mm x 170mm and weighs only 56g.

The third scarf is colour #11240 woven with a black cotton yarn as the weft.  An elegant looking but lightweight scarf has resulted.  It is 1620mm x 160mm and weighs 67g.

One of these lightweight colourful scarves may be just that accessory you need for your summer outfit.  Come and buy from my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 24 November - provided I am allocated a place!