Monday, 23 April 2012

Balingup SFFD

Oopps, I forgot the canopy of my gazebo when I went to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day last Saturday.  I had to use a makeshift roof using one of my side walls and a borrowed small gazebo canopy.  At such functions I call my booth The Woven Warren.
Trade was not good but at least I covered my expenses for the trip.
I am now going on a two-month holiday to Europe returning in time for the June 24 Perth Upmarket event at UWA.  In the meantime you might find my blog deficient of news.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Moda Vera Lucente

I purchased one ball each of four different colours of Moda Vera Lucente yarn at Spotlight last Saturday. This is a 87%nylon/13%polyester yarn. I have now woven the first scarf using colour 11235 as the warp and a grey/blue silk yarn as the weft. Due to the small amount of yarn a very open plain weave was used. Interestingly, upon washing the scarf the weft fibres moved randomly along the warp to make an intriging pattern. The scarf is 1640mm x 170mm and weighs 74g.The scarf will be on my stall at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day this coming Saturday.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Roberta di Camerino

I have woven two scarves using a Roberta di Camerino Murano yarn, colour 06.
The first was using a striped warp from a Patons Totem 8ply premium wool crepe yarn and a Shamwani alpaca light brown yarn. The scarf is 1790mm x 210mm and weighs 204g.

The second used a black 4-ply cashmere yarn from Knitters Addiction as the warp. This scarf is 1800mm x 230mm and weighs 166g. It is interesting to see the effect of the two different coloured warps on the final appearance of the scarves using the same weft yarn.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Apple Festival Stall

Over the Easter weekend (Sat and Sun) this was my stall at the Donnybrook Apple Festival.Sales were bad but I did sell the two scarves woven from the recycled sari silk which I purchased at the V & A waterfront in Cape Town in February. The temperatures on both days were +30C and the public were in short sleeves and shorts, not conducive to buying scarves. Lets hope that my next market at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day on Saturday 21 April will be more successful.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Noro Silk Garden

One more colourful scarf in time for the Donnybrook Apple Festival this weekend. I have used a Noro Silk Garden yarn (45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambs wool) as the warp and a blue coloured merino yarn as the weft, woven in tabby. The scarf is 1910mm x 185mm and weighs 127g.

Katia Damasco yarn

For something different I have woven a scarf using Katia Damasco yarn which is 86% merino & 14% synthetic. Due to the limited amount of the yarn I supplemented it in the warp with occassional two strands of Patons Totem wool yarn. Then I tied the warps together using a thin green silk thread as the weft. An interesting scarf resulted, being 1540mm x 170mm and weighing 128g.See it on my stall at the Donnybrook Apple Festival this weekend.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Black and white cashmere

This latest cashmere scarf in black and white Kogane 2/23 and 2/20 yarn, respectively, is a gem. It is smart looking in a distinctive pattern and lovely to touch. The scarf is 1760mm x 210mm and weighs 80g. You can see it at the Donnybrook Apple Festival over the Easter weekend.