Saturday, 28 September 2013

Moda Vera Lucente hand-woven scarves

About a year ago I purchased a variety of Moda Vera Lucente yarns which are 87% nylon and 13% polyester.  I have now got around to weaving them into scarves for the coming Australian summer.  As I only had 50g of each yarn they were used as the warp and different types of yarn as the weft.
The first scarf is using the colour #11237 woven with a Noro wool as the weft.  Maybe the wool has made the scarf a little heavy for summer but makes for a bright looking scarf.  It is 1590mm x 170mm and weighs 90g.

The second scarf is using colour #11231 woven with a hand-dyed silk yarn as the weft.  The loose weaving and slippery nature of both yarns has resulted in the weft becoming unevenly spread on the warp upon washing.  This is a delicate scarf to handle but brings multiple colours into this accessory.  For the record it is 1600mm x 170mm and weighs only 56g.

The third scarf is colour #11240 woven with a black cotton yarn as the weft.  An elegant looking but lightweight scarf has resulted.  It is 1620mm x 160mm and weighs 67g.

One of these lightweight colourful scarves may be just that accessory you need for your summer outfit.  Come and buy from my stall at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 24 November - provided I am allocated a place!

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