Friday, 22 August 2014

Hand-woven Noro Tanabata scarf

It has become apparent from the sales at Aspects of Kings Park that the multi-coloured scarves are more popular than the single colour ones.  Consequently I have just delivered five multi-coloured scarves to them in preparation for the Kings Park September Wildflower festival event - their most busiest time of the year.
To extend my range of multi-coloured scarves I have hand-woven a Noro Tanabata #7 yarn.  This yarn is made from 33% cotton, 27% nylon, 17% rayon, 16% wool, 7% silk, and is multi-coloured with a lot of interesting texture.  The scarf is 1790mm x 200mm, exclusive of the fringes, and weighs 196g.

To me the scarf catches the appearance of wild-flowers in the bush with its multiple colours and textures.  I am sure it will be popular if, or when, it goes on sale at Aspects of Kings Park.

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