Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bilberry and Wisteria Tailored Strands alpaca handwoven scarves

After a recent short flirtatious affair with synthetic yarns I have returned to those lovely soft Australian alpaca yarns from Tailored Strands.  What a delight to touch!  I have used the bilberry coloured yarn as the warp and the wisteria yarn as the weft in a four-shaft patterned weave.  I wove two scarves on the same warp with one being 1800mm x 220mm and weighing 142g whilst the second is a bit shorter at 1620mm x 220mm and weighing 132g.

Two lovely soft and warm scarves for those cold winter nights approaching.  Do the colours match your outfit?
They will be on sale at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 21 June at UWA, Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle depending upon stock movement.

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