Thursday, 1 December 2016

Handwoven scarves using Bendigo Woollen Mills sock yarn

Bendigo Woollen Mills sock yarn is made from 70% wool and 30% nylon.  They come in a range of different multicolours.  I have hand-woven two of these yarns using an identical pattern but with different yarns in the wefts.
In the first I have used Pastel Multi, shade 522, as the warp and a hand-dyed multi-coloured silk yarn as the weft.  Unfortunately the silk yarn ran out early so I have a short scarf of 1130mm x 190mm and weighing 74g.  A lightweight, cool colour, scarf to add colour to your summer outfit.
In the second I used Purple Pink Multi, shade 521, as the warp and a white cotton yarn as the weft.  A brighter, darker, scarf toned down by the white weft, measuring 1730mm x 200mm and weighing 110g.
The pattern shows up more in the second scarf because of the single coloured weft as opposed to the multi-coloured weft in the first.
See them soon at Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle unless sold privately earlier.

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