Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hand-woven African Expressions Soul yarns

As a momento of a 10 day holiday in South Africa earlier this year I purchased 100g each of two African Expressions Soul yarns.  These yarns are a mixture of 50% merino, 15% mohair, 15% silk and 20% polyamide and are hand-painted in various colours.   I used both yarns as the warp but wove each in a different pattern and with different yarns.
In the first one, #7267H, I used a green coloured hand-dyed cashmere yarn as the weft with the green blending in well with the green in the warp.  The limited amount of cashmere available resulted in a  short scarf of 1340mm x 205mm, weighing 98g, but it is a lovely soft scarf in an interesting pattern and colour combination.
In the second scarf, with colour #7204H, I used a thin silver coloured fluffy silk yarn as the weft.  Whoa! what a scarf!  It is lovely and thin, so soft, and with a striking (no pun intended, but it does have arrow heads) pattern dominated by the silver silk.  And this one is long, being 1910mm x 210mm and weighing 109g.
See them both soon at Aspects of Kings Park or The Artisan Store Fremantle depending upon stock movement.

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