Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hand-woven Jacob sheep scarf

Whilst travelling recently in Scotland I discovered the "The Handspinner having fun" shop on the Old Pier Road, Broadford, on the Isle of Skye.  What an array of wool to explore!  I am always looking for that unusual yarn on my travels and finished up buying 180g of some hand-spun Jacob sheep wool.  This is an unusual sheep with a black (or grey) and white fleece.

I have now woven this natural coloured variegated yarn into a scarf.  With the scarf being 12-ply it is a bulky scarf but with a lovely soft feel.  And with  the two colours in the fleece mixed in the yarn it makes for a very striking item.  It does have a pattern in the weave but this is hard to see against the variations in the tones of the wool.  As I only bought 180g of this thick yarn the scarf is short, being 1490mm x 210mm and weighs 170g.  But it is sure to keep you warm besides looking great.

It will be on sale at Aspects of Kings Park or Perth Upmarket in September depending on how sales go.

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