Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hand-woven scarves from Noro Blossom

Whilst touring in Scotland recently I was surprised to find some Noro Blossom yarns in a wool shop.  I couldn't stop myself buying up all the hanks of this discontinued yarn, four of one colour and three of another.  The yarn is 40% wool, 30% kid mohair, 20% silk and 10% nylon which I  have found previously makes a very colourful, soft touching, bulky feeling scarf when hand-woven.
I have now completed weaving three scarves from these beautiful yarns.

The first, using 4 hanks (200g) of Noro Blossom #25 shows the remarkable multicolour and texture of this yarn.  I have used the yarn as both the warp and weft which results in an eye-catching warm, soft and bulky feeling scarf of 1750mm x 210mm and weighing 184g.

With only 150g of Noro Blossom #22 I was restricted to using it as the weft of two scarves.  In one scarf I used a hand-dyed silver birch coloured merino wool as the warp and the scarf is 1570mm x 205mm and weighs 124g.   The other scarf used a hand-dyed sage coloured merino wool as the warp and the scarf is shorter and lighter being 1400mm x 205mm and weighs 90g.  Both show up the bands of colours that occur in the Noro Blossom yarn.

These three scarves are all very special, made from a bright, multi-coloured, warm and soft feeling yarn, and each is unique.  They will be on sale at Aspects of Kings Park or the September event of Perth Upmarket depending upon stock movement.

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