Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hand-woven recycled sari silk scarf

In April 2013 I went on the Himalayan Express tour organised by Travel Directors.  Whilst in Katmandu I purchased three different coloured hanks of recycled sari silk - offcuts from sari making are separated into the individual threads which are then re-spun giving a multi-coloured, but bulky, yarn.
I have now used up my last supply to hand-weave a scarf.  I used a claret coloured Tailored Strands Australian Alpaca yarn as the warp and the recycled sari silk as the weft.  A multi-coloured scarf results with narrow bands, or streaks, of colour across the scarf.  In the background you can just make out the weave pattern.  Not a soft fine silk item as the re-spun threads are thicker and coarser than the original sari yarns, but nevertheless, an interesting and colourful product.  The thicker yarns results in a scarf weighing a heavy 268g despite its size being 1800mm x 180mm.

See it at Perth Upmarket this Sunday at UWA.

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