Saturday, 21 February 2015

Two more Noro Mossa hand-woven scarves

I have hand-woven two more scarves from my stock of Noro Mossa yarns.  These yarns are 52% wool, 16% viscose, 11% mohair, 11% silk and 10% polyamide.  This blends enables a yarn with multicolours and interesting texture.
The first scarf is using Noro Mossa #15 as the weft and an emerald (green) coloured Tailored Strands Australian Alpaca 4-ply yarn as the warp.  The various bright colours in the Noro Mossa yarn shows up nicely against the green alpaca yarn.  The scarf is 1630mm x 200mm and weighs 137g.

The second scarf is using Noro Mossa #11 against a lavender coloured Tailored Strands alpaca yarn.  This is a darker multi-coloured scarf in which the lavender alpaca warp mainly disappears into the general range of colours.  This scarf is 1700mm x 200mm and weighs 143g.

I expect both scarves to be on my stall at Perth Upmarket next Sunday, 1 March, at UWA.

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