Friday, 9 August 2013

And now for summer

With an eye towards the November Perth Upmarket event, and the Australian summer, I have woven two scarves which are lightweight, colourful and eye-catching.  I believe they will make excellent accessories for that special person.
The first one is using Sirdar Firefly, shade 884, yarn which is 100% nylon as the warp and a thin Yeoman black wool yarn as the weft. It is 1840mm x 230mm and weighs only 57g.  The small pink, orange and light grey coloured squares on black will add that extra to your summer look.

The second scarf is using Moda Vera Gentile, colour 05, yarn which is 92% nylon/8% lurex as the warp and the same thin black wool yarn as the weft.  The scarf is 1840mm x 255mm and weighs 54g.  The black and silver colours in this scarf will be a perfect summer accessory for both day and evening activities.

The fringes have been left long on purpose.  The buyer will be able to trim them to their choice of length.

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