Thursday, 1 August 2013

Noro Blossom #9 and left-overs hand-woven scarves

Continuing my clear-up of mainly left-over alpaca yarns I have placed them into groups of similar colours.  I have then used a colour group as the warp and woven a scarf using Noro Blossom #9 yarn as the weft.  The Noro Blossom yarn being 40% wool/30% kid mohair/20% silk/10% nylon together with the alpaca left-overs has resulted in lovely soft and colourful scarves.  The first, using pink/maroon/purple/blue left-overs, is 1890mm x 230mm and weighs 161g.

The second scarf, using light grey/dark/grey/blue left-overs is 1740mm x 225mm and weighs 162g.

It is interesting to see how different the two scarves are in colour despite using identical yarns for the weft.

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