Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hand-woven Noro Blossom #9 with more alpaca left-overs

I have hand-woven two more scarves using left-over alpaca yarns as the warp and Noro Blossom #9 yarn as the weft.  The common weft yarn in both scarves, Noro Blossom #9, consists of 40% wooll30% kid mohair/20% silk/10% nylon which results in a bulky but soft and multi-coloured yarn.   In the first scarf I have used light orange/dark orange/dark grey/mid-brown left-over alpaca yarns and used a plain (or tabby) weave.  The scarf is 1830mm x 235mm and weighs 166g.

In the second scarf I have used natural coloured alpaca yarns which are fawn/light brown/mid-brown/dark brown as the warp.  The scarf is 1840mm x 220mm and weighs 187g.

The lighter yarn dominates the appearance and unfortunately is not evenly spread across the scarf.  It will be interesting to see the public's reaction to the darker strip on one side of the scarf.  An error or a feature!

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