Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moda Vera Gentile hand-woven scarves

To add to my summer collection of scarves for the November Perth Upmarket I have woven two more scarves using Moda Vera Gentile yarns.  This is a 92% nylon and 8% lurex yarn.
The first scarf using colour #07 has been woven with a black wool weft and results in a striking elegant item that will adorn, but not warm, on those hot summer days and evenings.  The scarf is 1830mm x 260mm and weighs only 52g.

The second scarf is using colour #27 woven with a silver lame yarn as the weft.  This lightweight, sparkling and eye-catching scarf will be an exquisite accessory for that special summer occasion.


Cathy Frith said...

Could you please post a pattern for these. Thanks

VectisOri said...

This scarf is woven in tabby, or otherwise a plain weave. The yarn is what gives it an interesting appearance.