Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hand-woven Shamwani Alpaca scarves

My friends at Shamwani Alpaca Stud run a stall at the monthly Kalamunda markets and over the last few months have successfully sold some of my scarves woven from their alpaca yarns.  It is time to restock them.
The first scarf is using their natural coloured white 4-ply alpaca yarn which results in a lovely soft touching scarf that will mix with any other colours you are wearing.  It is 1660mm x 215mm and weighs 169g.

The second scarf uses the same white yarn as the warp and a natural coloured light brown 4-ply alpaca yarn as the weft.  Again a lovely soft scarf results and will appeal to those who like to wear a bit of brown in their outfits.  The scarf is 1800mm x 215mm and weighs 167g.

Both scarves are in the same pattern and the two sides of the pattern are clearly shown in the two-coloured scarf.  Both will be on the Shamwani stall at the Kalamunda markets on the first Saturday of each month.

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